Adam Cozad To Start Writing 'Suicide Squad 2'

With the sequel to Suicide Squad apparently going full steam ahead, the Legend of Tarzan writer will be taking on the task of writing the screenplay.

Right now, Suicide Squad 2 is very much still at embryonic stage; despite having had talks with potential directors (including, weirdly, Mel Gibson), the film has yet to secure one. David Ayer, who directed the original film, won’t be making an appearance on the sequel, given that he is currently developing Gotham City Sirens with Margot Robbie. So far, the only element in place for Suicide Squad 2 is the writer, with Cozad currently in the midst of a deal to start work on the script.
Obviously, there’s not much word on the content of the sequel given that the script has yet to be written, but we can pretty safely assume that we’ll still be seeing the likes of Will Smith, Jai Courtney and Margot Robbie facing off a more dangerous threat under the watchful eye of Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller.
Whether Cozad will be able to bring a more stable, secure plotline to the sequel than the original (which ended up being pretty infamous for its lack of narrative direction) is still up for debate. Either way, if you don’t think Cozad will be your cup of tea, chances are there will be several writers cycled through before we get a finalized script.
We’ll keep you posted with more news as it arrives.