'Atomic Blonde' Red Band Trailer

It's by the other director of John Wick. It's got Charlize Theron in it kicking major arse. It's a Cold War action-thriller. Do you even need to see this trailer?

Okay then, like me, maybe you do. I mean, surely there's somewhere this could've gone wrong, right? Maybe David Leitch, Atomic Blonde's director, was the problem child of the first John Wick's directorial team and he's bad at directing action? Maybe they're not fully utilising the 1980's Cold War Berlin setting?

Or, you know, it looks great. There's also that.

Atomic Blonde finds Agent Lorraine Broughton (Theron), a one-woman army of Bond-like proportions, as she sets off on a dangerous mission to retrieve a priceless dossier in Cold War Berlin. Also starring are a rogue's gallery of fantastic character actors and action regulars, including Sofia Boutella, Toby Jones, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, and James McAvoy.

It looks sexy and dangerous, and fun as hell, and this writer is very much on the hook for it. David Leitch looks to be at the top of his action-directing game here, with several show-stopper sequences glimpsed in the above trailer, and some masterful control over scene geography, choreography, and camera stability. As a low-key connoisseur of action cinema, Atomic Blonde is shaping up to be a real treat for this writer. Hopefully, between this and the John Wicks, we're seeing the harbingers of a proper mainstream action renaissance.

Atomic Blonde is out on the 11th of August. This Summer season is stacked as hell, people. We've got a whole slew of excellent movies ahead of us. Settle in.