‘Beauty And The Beast’ Takes UK Box Office Top Spot

The Disney remake, starring Emma Watson, has debuted with an astonishing £19.7 million. 

Beauty and the Beast has had some high expectations attached to it, with bookers pegging it to be “even bigger than The Jungle Book”. That certainly has turned out to be true: The Jungle Book, another attempt by Disney to turn an animated classic into a successful live action film, opened with £9.9 million, eventually making £42.6 million.
Beauty and the Beast’s opening figure is almost double The Jungle Book’s, making it the fifth-biggest three-day opening in the UK.  It has also snagged the biggest three-day opening for a PG-rated film in the UK - its competitors for biggest three-day opening ever are all 12A’s.
The success of Beauty and the Beast is particularly impressive when you factor in the time of its release: Easter isn’t until the middle of April this year, so when the holidays roll around, we’re sure to see it making some even more impressive numbers.