Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In 'How To Stop Time'

Intent on working himself to death, Benedict Cumberbatch is taking on a new project i the form of fantasy drama How to Stop Time. 

Fresh off the presses of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benedict Cumberbatch may have the mammoth task of Avengers: Infinity Wars ahead of him but he's still going take on another role. We're a little concerned at the moment for the health and sleep of Cumberbatch, there is a such thing as too much work, Ben.

The fantasy drama How to Stop Time is an adaptation with very unusual circumstances. It's based off of the adult novel by Matt Haig but the novel itself is actually yet-to-be-published. Someone somewhere must have really liked it to commission a movie before the book itself has been published. That shows a level of confidence that is very rarely seen. Books are rarely made into movies unless they are significantly commercially successful.

The story will follow Tom Hazard (Cumberbatch) who has a 'rare condition' that has allowed him to live for centuries, and apparently gives him an awesome name. Trying to conceal his apparent immortality, he works as a history teacher in London. We don't have any directors or screenplay writers on board just yet, but Cumberbatch's own production company, SunnyMarch, have the movie rights for this and Cumberbatch himself will be an executive producer on the production. Ben, seriously, take a holiday.

There's no shoot date or release date yet for the movie, but Haig's novel does arrive in July.