First Poster Released For 'The Dark Tower'

The big-screen adaptation of the classic Stephen King western meta-fantasy has got it's first official one-sheet out, and it's a real doozy.

The poster notably works from two different directions, the first showing protagonists Roland (Idris Elba) and Jake (Tom Taylor) under an inverted New York...

...and the second showing Matthew McConaughey's sinister villain The Man In Black wandering the streets.

This is a pretty fantastic first poster, driving home the weird, present day meets mind-bending fantasy nature of the property, and bucking a lot of the bad habits around modern movie poster design. What it calls into question, though, is the absence of a trailer. We're only four months out of The Dark Tower's July release, and we're only just now getting a poster. Perhaps a trailer is coming very, very soon?

Either way, this writer is cautiously optimistic. I've only made my way through the first two books of the Dark Tower series (which were, in themselves, excellent), but the series as a whole is well-loved by a lot of people whose opinions I trust, and western-infused fantasy is one of my genre sweet-spots. What's more, the cast is, as you can see, fantastic. Here's hoping it can live up to expectations.

The Dark Tower, as noted above, opens on the 28th of July. Treat yourself. Go see Idris Elba play an Arthurian gunslinger. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: this is going to be a very exciting summer at the movies.