Goodfellas To Be Re-released In 4k Restoration

Rejoice, fellow Martin Scorsese fans! Goodfellas is getting a 4k re-release, and it's coming to UK cinemas real dang soon.

Those wonderful folks over at BFI have worked with Warner Bros. on a 4k restoration of the 25 year-old modern classic of gangster cinema, and it's hitting UK theatres next month. Along with this announcement comes a trailer:

Even if you've never seen Goodfellas before, this is a fantastic chance to catch it on the big screen in what looks to be a faithful (and beautiful) digital restoration. It really is one of the greats, and being able to see it huge and loud in a movie theatre is going to be a rare privilege. Do not pass this up, UK residents.

BFI's restoration is set for release on 20th January 2017. Earlier that month, on the 1st, Scorsese's new film Silence arrives, so that's two Scorsese films on the big screen in one month. This writer might just have a case of the vapours.