James Mangold Teases Possible Black And White Version Of Logan

With the enormous popularity of the Mad Max: Fury Road black and white conversion, it appears director James Mangold might be considering the same treatment for his latest release, Logan.

Mangold posted on Twitter in response to a fan that he was ‘working on’ a black and white conversion: 

Whether that means the conversion process has already begun or that he’s still in talks with 20th Century Fox about the idea, the fact that Mangold himself has hinted at the possibility - and is in favour the idea - is pretty exciting stuff for those who are hoping for a black and white version.
With Logan’s more serious, melancholy tone and the incredible black and white photography that Mangold has been posting in the lead-up to the film, it certainly seems that Logan would suit a monochrome look. However there’s nothing official yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.
In the meantime, you can see Logan in full colour in cinemas now.