Margot Robbie To Join Maid Marian Action Drama

If there's any legend that Hollywood loves, it's Robin Hood. Taking a different spin on the famous English legend, Margot Robbie is attached to an action drama on the thief's love interest, Maid Marian.

Usually resigned to be nothing more than the love interest for the noble prince of thieves, Maid Marian isn't usually the most exciting of characters. But, Margot Robbie is looking to break that mould in a movie that has been described as a cross between Game of Thrones and Braveheart. That's a lot of blood.

The speculative script, written by Peter Barry, tells the story of Maid Marian who witnesses the death of Robin Hood before her eyes and vows to take up his mantle and continue his noble cause. We will see the Maid training for combat as she goes on to fight the conspiracy for conquering England. As you know, there a whole bunch of Robin Hood films set to be coming our way over the next couple years, but if there's anyone who can make a stand-out film amongst so many similar movies, it's Robbie.

We don't have any dates set for this movie yet, but we imagine Sony will get on it quite swiftly.