Trailer Released For 'Lady Macbeth'

he trailer's out for British period drama Lady Macbeth, and it looks intense.

Lady Macbeth is loosely based on the novel 'Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District' by Russian social realist author Nikolai Leskov, with a screenplay by first-time writer Alice Birch. Katherine (Florence Pugh) is trapped in a loveless marriage, psychologically abused at the hands of her uncaring father-in-law, and more broadly trapped within the stuffy gender roles of 19th century British society. As she pushes against the boundaries placed around her, repressed sexuality and violence begin to bubble up to the surface. Here's the trailer:

Yeah, this looks intense. Shades of Wuthering Heights or the like are clear comparisons, but despite the rural English setting this still looks extremely Russian, right down to what looks to be a cold, dark, twisting, murderous story. Count this writer in.

Lady Macbeth is being helmed by William Oldroyd, an up-and-coming indie director whose previous credits comprise of three short films. Florence Pugh, though, you might well recognise from recent movie news: she's in Liam Neeson's latest dad-action shoot-fest The Commuter, coming later this year, and she's currently in front of cameras for Stephen Merchant's Fighting with My Family, co-staring there with Lena Headey, Nick Frost, and Dwayne Johnson. Based on this trailer alone, this writer is pretty confident in saying that Florence Pugh is one to watch.

An aside: as we come up to the noise and fury of Summer movie season, it's kind of nice to know we've got a cold, nasty little period thriller on the horizon too. They're this writer's favourite kind of movie. Blockbusters are nice, but dark adult dramas of quality are to be treasured, my friends.

Lady Macbeth is set for release here on the 28th of April.